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Google Meet: What you should know!​

Google Meet everything you should know

Google Meet is a secure and user-friendly video conferencing solution that is deeply integrated with Google Workspace, making it easy to stay connected and collaborate on what really matters. The benefits of Google Meet include:

Flexibility: Google Meet offers flexible solutions that enable work from any location and device, with helpful and innovative options for video conferencing that facilitate impact and provide interoperability with existing tools and solutions on the market.

Ease of Use: The platform is intuitive and feature-rich, encouraging adoption and delivering a quick return on investment. Additionally, Google Meet can be used on multiple devices and is particularly well-suited for countries with low internet speeds.

Security: The platform ensures that conversations and data are secure, giving customers peace of mind during meetings. Additionally, Google Meet uses advanced video and audio encryption. These benefits make Google Meet a powerful tool for teams and individuals who want to collaborate effectively, wherever they are. Also all technical data is being logged inside the Google Workspace Admin environment under Google Meet Quality Tool.Β 

Video meetings and cloud recordings encrypted by default

All data in Meet is encrypted in transit by default between the client and Google for video meetings on a web browser, on the Android and iOS apps, and in meeting rooms with Google meeting room hardware.

Meet recordings stored in Drive are encrypted at rest by default.

Administrative settings in Google Workspace

Options available with in Google Workspace Meet

 DescriptionRecommendationAvailability by license
Google Meet Enable Google Meet ENABLE 
Dial-inProvide a phone number and PIN for dial-in from 40+ countriesONEnterprise License only
RecordingAllow users to record their meetingsONBussiness License only
StreamLive stream to up to 100,000 viewers – lower licenses is lower numberONEnterprise License only
Video QualityEnforce default bandwidth settings
(Limit to 1 Mbps or audio only)
Typically not needed 

Network bandwidth requirements:

Minimum (Audio Only)35 Kbps35 Kbps
Minimum for Video (1:1)300 Kbps300 Kbps
Ideal for HD Video (1:1)2.6 Mbps3.2 Mbps
Ideal for HD Video (group of 5+)3.2 Mbps3.2 Mbps

These IP ranges are reserved for Google Meet:

IPv4:, IPv6: 2001:4860:4864:5::0/64
UDP on ports 19302 through 19309
Outbound TCP / UDP connection from the participant to Google on port 443 (SSL)

Google Meet Quality Tool

As an administrator, you can track the activities of video meetings in your organization with the Google Meet audit log. For example, you can see when users have started a meeting, on which devices they have participated in meetings, and who has participated in a meeting. To access this as a Google Administrator, you can follow the following link; On this page, information is provided about the selected meeting such as the number of users, duration of the meeting, quality, location, and more.

How long is a Meet link valid

Each Google Meet meeting has a unique meet link. Google announces that beginning May 19, 2021 this meeting code will expire if not used for 365 days, or if everyone leaves the meeting. The expiration time is based on the product that your meeting is created from. We recommend that you check the expiration times of meeting codes to ensure that the meeting codes are valid at the time you want to use them.

Google Meet meetings can be scheduled across all Google Workspace products, including Calendar, Gmail, Google Chat and more. This means that your unique meeting code and its expiration date are based on the product from which your meeting was created. See below for a full list of meeting code expiration dates according to the product they were created with.

These Google Meet settings apply to all corporate Google Workspace users and users with personal Google accounts.

Where the meeting is Generated: How long the meeting code is valid:
Google Calendar Meeting codes expire when the following two conditions are met:The meeting code has not been used for 365 days, andThe meeting code isn’t associated with any future calendar events.Note:Β If a code is created in another product and pasted in a Calendar invite, the code will expire according to the product it was generated from.
Gmail and the Google Meet homepage Meeting codes expire 365 days after last use.
Google Chat and Google Hangouts Meeting codes expire 365 days after last use.
Breakout Rooms Breakout rooms expire instantly once the parent meeting ends.
Jamboard and Meeting room hardware Meeting code expires instantly once all users leave the meeting.
Nicknamed meetings
(Available to Google Workspace subscribers only)
Meeting code expires instantly once all users leave the meeting.
Google Classroom Meeting code expires instantly once all users leave the meeting.
Other Third Party Applications Meeting codes expire 365 days after last use. If someone uses the code within the 365 day window, then it will add another 365 days to the shelf life.
Google Nest Meeting code generated by speaking into your Nest device and saying β€œHey, Google start a meeting” expires 365 days after last use.For users in the Google Workspace with Google Assistant Beta: Meeting generated by usage of meeting nicknames, expire instantly after the last user leaves.