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Cloud Captains your Google Cloud Partner

Improving, cost-optimising, and simplifying business processes, or creating innovative solutions, is what makes us happy. Our extensive experience, knowledge, and network of professionals ensure win-win outcomes for all. Additionally, we offer maintenance, support, or update contracts to keep your applications secure, reliable, and available 24/7, contributing to better business processes.

Optimise Your Business with Google Cloud

Get the best out of your work environment and data, time, and personnel by optimising, automating, and improving processes. Save time, money, and reduce frustration and errors. We can build various applications in Google Cloud in collaboration with Google Workspace.

Google Cloud Platform

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What we ❤️ to build in the Google Cloud

App Development

There are various types of applications that can be built in Google Cloud. Whether you want to create a system to manage registrations via a web interface easily accessible on your phone, or a script that automatically executes processes and displays results in an interface, the possibilities are endless.

Add-on Development

Creating add-ons to fetch various documents from Google Drive, initiate processes with the click of a button, or develop applications for the Google Marketplace provides an easy way to quickly execute information or actions within the Workspace environment.

Workflow Automation

Automating various processes in Google Cloud in collaboration with Google Workspace saves time, money, and frustration.

Whether it's automating order processes, adding documents or text, or notifying individuals, the benefits are significant.

Data Analytics

Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Large Language Models (LLMs) are the buzzwords of today.

These technologies can save significant time by automatically analysing large amounts of data to generate reports, recognize patterns, or even write texts.

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Whether it’s onboarding, support, or migrations, Cloud Captains are here to ensure everything runs smoothly.

With clear communication and unwavering support, we help your business conquer the cloud, unlocking its full potential and achieving remarkable results.

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Join the Journey

We’re excited help you on your Cloud journey for all your Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform and Google Chrome needs, including questions, issues, licensing discounts, workspace administrator management, training, adoption, development and support

Schedule a free no-obligation introductory meeting to explore how we can successfully collaborate and support each other’s goals.

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