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Flying your business through the Google Cloud

Cloud Captains specialises in migration, support, development and training for Google solutions (Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform and Chrome OS)

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Cloud Captains helps you get the most out of the Google Cloud


Google Workspace

Google tools, including email, chat, calendar, and document editing into a single platform, efficient, innovative and secure..
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Google ChromeOS

Google ChromeOS is cost-effective, easy to use, secure, and reliable, ensuring significant long-term cost savings..
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Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides a secure and sustainable foundation for economic success with over 150 service solutions..
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Why Cloud Captains?

Suitcase by Suitcase

You are our priority, and your needs come first. We take on an advisory role to provide the best possible guidance.

Our job is to implement your wishes without hassle or headaches, ensuring clear communication and timelines.

Human Touch

We understand that some people find it challenging, how something technical works.

Everyone has their own interests, so we strive to explain as IT clearly and sharing our knowledge so that you understand.


We aim to keep you informed about the latest updates through our newsletters, blog posts, and videos. We enjoy experimenting with new settings, ideas, and programs, and observing the outcomes to provide you with results and answers, ensuring you stay updated.

We just like it

Our vision is to build a workplace where teamwork at all levels leads to the best results. This is how we work, and this is how we guide and support our clients.

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Join the Journey

We’re excited help you on your Cloud journey for all your Google Workspace, Google Cloud Platform and Google Chrome needs, including questions, issues, licensing discounts, workspace administrator management, training, adoption, development and support

Schedule a free no-obligation introductory meeting to explore how we can successfully collaborate and support each other’s goals.

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Founder / Captain
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